Our Wedding Invitations


So while Michael was off touring the USA for two months right before the wedding, I was stuck doing the dirty work of designing and printing the invites. Well, the printing ended up not getting too messy and thankfully I was not alone! Rhain helped me letterpress the invites for a solid eight hours! Thank you Rhain! Which leads me to thank my two roommates too - Kelly and Jersey (the sweet furry four-legged friend above)! They were there to help me spray mount all 115 invites, along with the moral support while i trimmed for a solid 18 hours! It was no small project and i am sure it took a lot of patience.
Just a side note. Designing my invitations may have been the hardest design job I have ever done! You would think that having all the creative freedom to make your own personal design choices would be like a designer's dream! But, it was actually really hard for me! First of all I am a perfectionist and when doing something for myself - it magnified! Then, it was sooo hard taking all the design ideas I had and narrowing them down. I got to the point of liking them all and then hating them all! Now that they are all said and done, I truly think they represent us and were a great introduction for the marriage celebration. I hope that Michael and I look back at these in like 20 years and love them even more then we do now!

Calligraphy by the very talented and sweet Betsy Dunlap.



  1. Peggy2.10.09

    Of course I can't get enough of walking down memory lane! Rachel you did an awesome job designing and printing the invitations. I know how much time & effort was put into this job and it was totally worth it!

  2. Gorgeous. Here from Snippet.

  3. Your invitations are gorgeous! Do you have any photos of the final printed invitations that you'd be willing to share?

  4. Betsy Dunlap is incredible! And I love the ShakeItPhoto "polaroids" ;)

  5. so beautiful! did you do the garland around your names, or did betsy?? i'm looking for something similar for my own invites and can't get your out of my mind...


  6. petra, thanks so much! the framing was hand-drawn by me. i would be happy to help you out. email me at rachel@rachellasserre.com

  7. amazing!!
    these are just beautiful.

  8. I adore these : ) I can't wait to start planning my own, and these are such a huge inspiration for something really personal and unique!




Star Provisions::::: If you have not been to Star Provisions, you should definitely check it out. It is one of our favorite places. It is located in the Westside Urban Market-where the wedding will be! The registry is not online, but once you get there, you will find that we are registered for our dinnerware and glassware. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, June 28, 2009 at 6:30pm

JCT Kitchen
1198 Howell Mill Road, Suite 18
Atlanta, GA 30318

From North of Atlanta
Take 85S to exit 84 for 17th Street. Turn right onto 17th street and go one mile until it ends. Take a left onto Howell Mill Road. Go through the first traffic light and Westside Urban Market is on your right. JCT Kitchen is located in the back on the lower level of the market.